Part news analysis, part travelogue, part manifesto, USA G’DAY offers a very personal account of one of the most remarkable chapters in American history.

From July 2015 to November 2016, Australian journalist Aleks Vickovich lived, worked and travelled across the United States, in a bid to investigate the relevance of the American Dream in the so-called Asian Century and what promised to be a monumental presidential election.

This collection of essays provides a unique, distinctly Aussie perspective on the history, culture and politics of the world’s superpower, one rooted in the philosophy of the Founding Fathers and at odds with the anti-Americanism sometimes displayed by foreign correspondents.

But it also tells a story of youthful adventure. From sunrise parties in the Nevada desert to exploring the ‘blues trail’ to live-blogging the final days of the election campaign, USA G’DAY embodies the journey of a lifetime.

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